Sylvia P is an Australian-owned and run athletic wear manufacturer with history steeped in 20 years of passion for creating stylish and technical lycra garments which enhance human performance. They believe that creating innovative designs of premium quality can empower our customers to achieve their goals, whoever they are and whatever they pursue. Sylvia P is dedicated to creating products that respond as our physical pursuits demand, give us confidence through exceptional athletic function and aesthetic style.

At Sylvia P values play a major role in our day to day operations of the company. They manufacture all garments in Australia therefore supporting Australian workers with fair wages and good working conditions, in addition this allows them to offer fast turn around times and great customer service.

Caring for your Sylvia P Garment

Sylvia P selects the best possible fabrics and materials from the world’s leading manufacturers, however certain fabrics and materials are more vulnerable to foil loss and fading.

Velvet and Nylon Lycra's are the most resilient fabrics which incurs the least amount of fading. Mesh, Mystique and Holographic Lycra are the most sensitive fabrics which with repeated wear and washing may fade. Perspiration and deodorants may cause fabric to fade.

When combining light and dark colours in your leotard please note that colour transfer may occur even when washing instruction has been followed correctly. Perspiration and deodorants contributes to the colour transfer. 

Crystals can be applied to all fabrics, excessive wearing and stretching may result in crystals falling off. Areas where crystals have been applied may dull slightly due to the heat application.

Below are care and washing instructions to maximize the life of the garment.

Important washing instructions:

Turn garment inside out and machine wash garment with a mild liquid detergent (woolwash) on a gentle cycle (cold water).

Immediately after washing tumble dry garment on a low or no heat setting.

DO NOT Soak, Bleach or use any strong detergent or fabric softeners.

DO NOT Iron or Dry Clean

DO NOT leave in direct sunlight, leave to dry laying flat or hanging up.

DO NOT store garment in plastic bags,leave damp garment folded or rolled up.


(A note from Sylvia P)
We are passionate about what we do at Sylvia P, which is why we keep it all in-house right here in Brisbane, Australia. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality apparel, so having everything under one roof ensures we can get everything just right.

A lot goes into making our garments, luckily we have experts across the entire product life cycle.

Every Sylvia P garment begins in the minds of our in-house design team. Sourcing fabrics from all over the world, they combine this with the latest trends to create our beautiful garments. After design, our production team gets a taste of the newest garments while they create a sample. Following product testing, it’s off to our photoshoot, where we enlist the help of a fun group of professionals and models. At the same time our in-house production team, cut, sew and quality check every garments here in Brisbane, Australia – none of the manufacturing is outsourced. Finally, it’s over to our marketing team to tell you about our awesome new garments before our logistics team pack and send them to you. Then, tomorrow we do it all again.

When you buy your garments from Sylvia P, you help support Australian workers with fair wages and good working conditions.