CLEARANCE, Bling Loose Glitter, Orange Sherbet, (Iridescent look)

$2 $9.95
  • Cosmetic grade polyester glitter.
  • Produce bold dramatic effects.
  • Perfect to use for cheerleading,
  • Use Natural Control to adhere glitter to the skin.
PLEASE NOTE: Glitter is sold by weight NOT VOLUME, levels may vary due to content settlement and the cut of the glitter, fine glitters will settle more.  

    SHIPPING: *Ready to send 1-4 Business Days, (in the event our supplier has sold out you will be contacted via phone or email). 


    Glitters can be sprinkled on or pressed on, depending on the desired effect. 
    Use Natural Control to adhere glitter to the skin.
    Use Barrier Spray over the top of the glitter to seal the particles, this will prevent the glitter from rubbing off.
    Remove with soap and water.

    How to Apply Loose Glitter

    1. Apply shimmer cream in the colour of choice to the eyelid with the provided swab applicator. (shimmer cream can be used alone like this).
    2. While the Shimmer cream is still wet apply Glitter using a soft eyeshadow brush (recommended) or a cotton bud.
    3. Let dry approx 2 minutes, cream will stay on all day, some glitter will fall off with wear.  

    TIP: A fan brush can be useful to flick away excess glitter.


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