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BLOCH, HERITAGE Pointe Shoe, S0180


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The Heritage pointe shoe was inspired by our Russian background with a low V-vamp design that lengthens the aesthetic line of the foot

The Heritage is a Russian inspired pointe shoe with a V shaped Vamp. It is streamlined and light with a large platform providing control 'en pointe' for ease of balancing and turning. The medium strength composite shank/insole supports while allowing ease through Demi pointe. The Heritage is made on a last with a gradual and evenly distributed curve. The shoe hugs and supports the foot 'en pointe'. The outsole and flat pleating neatly integrate into the shoe creating a smooth surface to give the dancer stability when running, walking or standing.

Ribbons sold separately

  • Ladies size 2 to 8 
  • Low cut V vamp - Gives an elegant tapered line
  • Inner platform toe cushion - Gives greater toe comfort
  • Padding under the pleats - Noise reduction of the box
  • Heel cushion - Cups the heel and holds the shape
  • Deep cupped heel - Secures the heel in the shoe
  • Oblong shaped platform - Keeps the weight centred
  • Flexible shank at arch - Emphasises the arch of the foot 'en pointe'
  • Flat shaped outsole - Improves weight distribution and greater stability
  • Standard 'A' paste - Has resilience and is less affected by climatic conditions such as heat and humidity
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Note The sizing of this shoe differs to common shoe sizes. 

Please Note: This shoe size chart is a guide only, it should be used as an aid only and not replace a personal fitting. Size may vary due to foot shape and width. Dance shoes should fit firm with very little growing room. 

Dance & Play are not responsible for incorrect measurements, or ordering the wrong size.

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