Bunheads Pro Pad, Nude


Minimal Padding

The Pro Pad takes up the least amount of space in the shoe and is most suitable for the Pre-professional/Professional dancer who prefers minimal padding, or for the dancer who has a wide foot.
  • Designed with no gel under the foot so the dancer has only thin fabric under the toes.
  • A layer of gel inside a fabric covered pouch cushions the tops and the tips of the toes.
  • Deep cut vamp matches the line of the Pointe shoe. 
  • The sleek shape hugs the foot and keeps pads from sliding or bunching.  
  • Soft seams flatten on pointe.
  • Reusable and can be trimmed to size.
  • 2 toe pads per package.
  • Made in the USA. 
  • Colour: Nude
SHIPPING: *Ready to send 1-4 Business Days, (This is the time needed to receive this product from our supplier, in the event our supplier has sold out you will be contacted via phone or email). 


      This pad may be better suited for a wider foot or for the dancer who prefers a little less padding than the Ouch Pouch.

      Please Note: Toe pads should always be tried on at the time of pointe shoe fitting to ensure the proper fit of the shoe.

      • Small fits shoe size 1 - 5
      • Large fits shoe size 6 - 10


      • Hand wash with mild detergent.
      • Allow to air dry completely.
      • Remember to remove pads from pointe shoes and allow to dry between each use. 

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