Capezio Mesh Shoe Bag, B186U

    • The Mesh Shoe bag has a rounded gusset bottom which creates a larger space for your shoes or other accessories.
    • The cylindrical shape is perfect for pointe shoes, and the soft mesh will not scratch or rub harshly against satin.
    • The ventilation helps to dry your shoes faster, or conversely, could even be used as a laundry bag for tights or other small items.
    • Draw-cord closure
    • Bag can also function as a hair and Bunheads® accessory organiser. 
    • 30cm H x 27cm W
    • 15cm diameter bottom 
    • Colour: Grey

    SHIPPING: *Ready to send 1-4 Business Days, (This is the time needed to receive this product from our supplier, in the event our supplier has sold out you will be contacted via phone or email). 

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