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Red Glitter Kendall K Turn Board

Ballet is Fun

  • Limited Edition Kendall K Ruby Red Glitter Turn Board
  • The Kendall K Ruby Red Glitter TurnBoard® utilizes the same classic design of the original TurnBoard®, with several beautiful additions.
  • Key enhancements include an engraved Kendall K signature on the board, a customized foot pad with Kendall's unique logo, and a beautiful red and glitter finish.  
  • Designed to have little friction, the turnboard will aid you in completing full or multiple rotations while you focus on spotting, balance and posture.
  • Proper ballet turning requires a straight back, focused spotting and correct arm placement.
  • The TurnBoard® helps young dancers practice their spotting and arm positions without being on pointe.
  • Your confidence will increase when you can accomplish 8+ turns on the TurnBoard®.  
  • Size: 28cm long, 7.5cm wide. 
  • Flat footed Turns ONLY

SHIPPING: *Ready to send 1-4 Business Days, (This is the time needed to receive this product from our supplier, in the event our supplier has sold out you will be contacted via phone or email). 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The Turn Board® is specifically designed for practicing your turns on a FLAT FOOT. Dance & Play DOES NOT recommend using Turn Board® in the relevé or any other 'on rise' position as it becomes extremely unsafe. - DANCE & PLAY DANCE AUSTRALIA ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY INJURIES  CAUSED IF A USER ATTEMPTS TURNING IN ANY POSITION OTHER THAN ON A FLAT FOOT.    ​

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