Ultraflex Paint, S008


The specially formulated Ultraflex Paint bends and flexes with the natural movement of your dance shoes; producing a perfect, smooth finish while continuing to allow full flexibility in the shoes.

A very fine fiber brush must be used to achieve a smooth finish.

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    Leather Shoes

    It is VERY important that before painting shoes or products that you properly prepare the surface. This applies to previously painted shoes and new shoes. Even new shoes have a coating on the leather which will prevent Paint from adhering properly.

    Stuff the shoes very tightly with newspaper before starting preparation then wipe thoroughly with ACETONE, WHITE SPIRITS, OR METHYLATED SPIRITS until most of the old paint is removed. Or in the case of new shoes until the surface dulls. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly between coats. Depending on the weather, at least 40 minutes.

    Shoes should be coated with two or three coats of your chosen colour, preferably using the fiber brush which has been specifically designed for Sol'e Couture and Flexi paints. Other brushes can be used to apply the paint but the end result may not be as smooth.

    WARNING Shoes and accessories come in such varied substances, which have different properties. Sometimes when painting shoes, the results may differ depending on the characteristics of the substances. Acetones and other strippers and cleaners may actually melt and destroy some synthetic materials. And the previous instructions were for general leather painting. So pre testing and personal judgment is required before attempting procedure on any materials. If a substance is not suitable to clean with solvents a light wipe over with a mild detergent may make it possible to paint the product.

    Some light or difficult colours with low opaqueness may need additional coats. Bare in mind, when selecting items to paint a set of matching shoes and accessories. That if they are different colour leathers to begin with, different finishing tones may occur. Clean brush in cold soapy water and reseal jar ASAP.

    Avoid painting in high humidity and temperatures less than 12 degrees Celsius.


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