Supporting Australian Made

Dance & Play love to support and showcase products made in Australia, below are two of the brands we proudly support. 


Did you know that 98% of Energetiks garments are made in Australia using Australian fabrics?

When you buy Energetiks you are:

  • Choosing quality dancewear and giving your support to the Australian economy.
  • Demanding fair working conditions for the people who make your fabric and clothes.
  • Choosing Australian fabrics and manufacturing with environmental impact accreditation for a better future. 

Your support helps us make a difference.

We can all make a positive impact on the Australian Economy by shopping local
and seeking out products that carry the trusted Australian Made logo. There's
never been a more important time to champion our Australian Makers!

When you buy Energetiks you are choosing local, Australian Made products.

We are all in this together.

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Sylvia P

Did you know that most of the Sylvia P collections and products are made locally in Brisbane Australia!

When you buy your garments from Sylvia P, you help support Australian workers with fair wages and good working conditions.

The new Fiesta collection has all been made locally in Brisbane, to quote Sylvia P "Each thread placed with love for each of our SP sisterhood girls to feel uniquely YOU"