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How To Care For Your Tutu

Where possible always follow manufactures instructions.
Storing your Tutu
Always store tutus away from direct light, moisture, and smoke filled environments.
Tutus should be covered to protect them from dust and damage. An ideal place to store a tutu is flat under a bed.
For the best protection use a specially designed bag, or alternately wrap in a sheet.
Romantic tutus can be stored hung upside down in a breathable garment bag.    
Cleaning your Tutu
Great care must be taken to avoid soiling tutus as they can be difficult to clean, always handle with clean hands.
Dry cleaning is not recommended as the decorations may be effected by the dry cleaning process.
Always check the colour fastness of the fabric and decoration before washing. Never tumble dry a tutu.
To freshen or remove wrinkles
Hang the tutu upside down in the bathroom, (Not in the shower). Using hot water turn the shower on so it gets really steamy. Let it stay there for a little while and the material should straighten out and get fluffy. Be careful though as it may soften the tulle/net which will need re-starching, (check below).
Spot Cleaning
Spot clean stains as soon as possible. The safest method is to use 3 clean (preferably white) cloths. Fold 1 cloth to form a pillow and place it under the soiled area.  Use another cloth and dip part of it into cool water containing a mild detergent, squeeze out excess water. Using the damp part of the cloth dab the soiled area, drawing the stain out of the fabric,  don’t rub. The cloth below will absorb any excess water and the soiling. Use the third cloth to dab dry the area. Leave the tutu to air dry out of direct heat. Remember to never rub a stain or use hot water which may set the stain permanently.
Hand washing
This may be best done in the bath tub. Fill with cool water and use a mild detergent. Avoid using detergents with softening agents as they will further soften the tulle/net.
Carefully dip the tutu into the water a few times. Drip dry upside down out of direct sunlight, lay flat if heavily decorated.
You may need to re-stiffen the tulle/net with starch, (check below).
A cool to warm iron may be used to press the tulle/net skirt, particularly the edges. Be careful to not burn the fabric, it is recommended to use a pressing cloth, or clean white handkerchief between the tutu and the iron. DO NOT IRON DECORATIONS AND THE BODICE.
Re-starching the skirt
To do this hang the tutu upside down and spray the starch onto the skirt layers, leave to dry. Be careful on dark colours as it may show white flakes.  
Enjoy your Tutu, you’ve worked hard for it.